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Handling and managing a corporate event is no easy walkover that happens just like that. It requires thorough and detailed planning, management and implementation, with creativity and skills. There is often a lot at stake and what is more, guests and stakeholders need to be satisfied. Whether it’s launching of a product OR unveiling of your brand OR simply a company annual meet, corporate event remains a powerful tool to get across the right brand message.

Given the importance of the event, failure can be fatal for it can ruin your company’s image and setback plans.

To avoid that, event planners from PURPLE EYEDEAS working alongside your team can help put up an event that stands out sans issues and delivers results that matters.

PURPLE EYEDEAS not only has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in all aspects of corporate events from company meetings to product launches, grand gala dinners, award ceremonies, receptions, conferences, press meets, and so on; but also has the right market-awareness and capabilities to integrate traditional audio-visual technologies such as lighting, audio, video, automation, staging and so on, with the latest of the state-of-the-art technologies like LED technologies, projection mapping, interactive content systems, and so on.

Further, our event planners will also offer fresh ideas and bespoke customisation solutions to ensure that your corporate event is original, and unique with the assurance of expected outcomes. All necessary ingredients will be arranged for and settled, from venue-registration, to menu arrangements and delegate gifts.

By leveraging our corporate events skills, you can also extract additional sources of opportunities that will unlock newer revenue channels for top-line growth, with tangible and measurable results.

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Whether you seek a simple wedding OR a glamorous wedding, we make it happen with a WEDDING PLAN and expert guidance, tailored to your needs entirely
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From finding the perfect venue TO overseeing the perfect experiences, we balance logic and creativity to deliver a corporate event that is better than the rest, flawlessly executed.
To further relationships, create positive business image and generate goodwill, we provide a full-circle of services that builds-up healthier camaraderie and takes care of hospitality.